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Improving careers, one course at a time.

The Strategy and Organizational Development Unit provides responsive and innovative leadership, organizational development, human resources communication, professional development, compliance, policy and human resources project management for employees, departments, agencies, and the public to promote individual and organizational excellence.

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The demand for transformative, strategic and collaborative HR services continues to grow within the GVI.

The Strategy and Organizational Development Unit manages HR Policy, Equal Employment Opportunity, Employee & Organizational Training Development, HR technology projects, HR forms and special initiatives such as the Employee Opinion Survey, Career Incentive Program and the Donated Leave Program.

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Employee Opinion Surveys are sent out daily to 50 employees, when it's your turn, take the survey to let us know how you feel!

gabriel knight

Strategy and Organizational Development Officer

340-774-8588 ext. 5134

Dianne Bynoe-Davis

Training Coordinator

340-774-8588 ext. 5129


HR Technician

340-774-8588 ext. 5105