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Act 6984 established the Retroactive Wage Commission to ascertain, among other things, the value of retroactive wages owed to Government of the Virgin islands’ active and separated employees and retirees who were employed during the period 1990-2001. The Division of Personnel (DOP) is responsible for the distribution of balances owed to eligible individuals, based on claims received. All retroactive wages payments are made per appropriation by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands and based on the availability of funds.

Note: All appropriated funds with a date prior to the current fiscal year have already expired. The fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th of each year. Therefore, retro claims will not be accepted for expired appropriations. Survivor claims can only be processed once all required information is received and a 6-month vetting process is completed to allow all survivors to come forward.

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Retro 2021
- Expired -

A flat amount of $1,700 - less taxes and social security - will be distributed to eligible retirees over sixty-five (65), whose total retroactive wages owed is equal to or greater than that flat amount.

Retro 2022
- Expired -

22.8% of any remaining retroactive wage compensation balance owed - less taxes and social security - will be distributed to eligible GVI active and separated employees and retired employees.

Retro 2023
- Expired -

14% of any remaining retroactive wages compensation balance owed - less taxes and social security - will be distributed to eligible GVI active and separated employees and retired employees.

Q: What is this payment for and who does it apply to?

Retroactive Wage Compensation is payment owed to the Government of the Virgin Islands’ active and separated employees and retirees, who were employed during the period 1990-2001.. The Division of Personnel (DOP) is responsible for the distribution of  balances owed to eligible individuals.

Q: How do I receive payment?

Active eligible GVI employees who are currently on the central government payroll, will be issued payment via their current method of direct deposit. No action is required. 

Separated GVI employees and retirees: Please ensure your direct deposit and mailing address is updated.

  • To update your direct deposit information, visit the Department of Finance (DOF) website at and click the Apply for Direct Deposit (Retroactive Payments option.
  • To verify and update your mailing address visit the DOF website at and click on Employee Self Service (ESS). Note: Your user credentials are as follows: the first initial of your first name, your last name, and Employee Number (example: JDOE12345).  If you forgot your password, click the forgot password hyperlink, which will prompt you for our username.  Once entered correctly, an email will be sent with a password hint and an option to reset your password.  The submission deadline for all updates is November 10, 2023.

Q: How much are the payments?

To make the final payments, Finance relies on the data gathered by DOP on all eligible employees – over 10,000+ people *Note: All applicable taxes or other deductions will be withheld before payments are made.

Q: What should I do if I no longer want my retro payment to come to me direct deposit?

Pursuant to Act 6585, active GVI employee payments must be made through direct deposit.  The Department of Finance recommends that you verify/update your bank information via selecting the (Retroactive Payments option). Eligible separated and retired GVI employees please contact the Department of Finance: Payroll at (340)774-4750 Option 8 or

Q: I received my last retro check via direct deposit, do I still need to update my direct deposit information again?

We want to ensure that you receive your retro check timely.  Therefore, we encourage you to complete the direct deposit form by visiting the Department of Finance (DOF) website at and click the Apply for Direct Deposit (Retroactive Payments option).

Q: I was an exempt employee at some point during the period 1990-2001, am I entitled to any retroactive payments?

 You are not entitled to retroactive compensation payments for any period that you were an exempt employee from 1990-2001.

Q: I was working at a semi-autonomous agency during the period 1990-2001, what should I do?

Contact your respective agency directly for information on how to proceed.

Q: What taxes are being taken out?

Taxes withheld include Medicare and Social Security, along with income taxes, which will be deducted at the then current tax rate.

Q: When should I be receiving a check?

Retroactive payments for FY 2024 are anticipated to begin processing before the end of 2023. Active government employees will receive payments via direct deposit. Separated GVI employees or eligible retirees who prefer direct deposit payment, please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form located on the DOP’s Retroactive Wage Compensation Portal at  – no later than November 10, 2023. Separated GVI employees or eligible retirees who prefer a physical check are required to update address information in the Employee Self Service system. For assistance accessing your ESS account, email us at call 340-714- 5010 See below for information regarding survivor claims.

Q: I am the child/survivor of an active, separated, or retired Government employee who is owed retro. Am I entitled to the payment? What should I do?

Yes, eligible survivors are entitled to payment upon the death of an active, separated, or retired GVI employee who is owed retro.

Survivors: The Division of Personnel is now accepting claims for survivors of former GVI employees,  separate and/or retired.

The following are the required documents needed to submit claims:

  • Notarized Affidavit
  • W-9
  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate-for spouses of deceased employees/retirees
  • Birth Certificate-for children of deceased employees/retirees
  • Any other supporting documentation-to show relation to the deceased (i.e., siblings or those who selected “other”)

Q: I submitted the required documents the last time I filed a survivor claim, do I have to resubmit them now?

Each time a claim is filed for a particular appropriation, ALL required documents must be submitted.

Q: Who is eligible to claim retro payments for a deceased GVI employee?

The surviving spouse, the children of the employee (18 years of age or older), parents, siblings, or any other surviving relative, friend, or agent of decedent, or, upon the request of the surviving spouse or one of the listed relatives, a creditor of the decent or a person who has paid or incurred the funeral expenses of the decedent.

Q: I am eligible to claim retro for a deceased GVI employee, but I’m being told that payments have reached the $10,000 max?

Pursuant to Virgin Islands Code, Title, 15 § 89, after the death of a creditor, as defined in § 89, unless otherwise provided by a designation of beneficiary then in effect,  the government is only allowed to pay a maximum of $10,000 of a particular debt to a claimant without administration of an estate through the probate process.

Q: I filed a survivor claim, when should I be receiving a check ?

In order to allow individuals an opportunity to submit claims and to ensure proper validation of  all claim information received, the Division of Personnel anticipates that survivor claims for retroactive compensation will begin to issue by June of 2024.

Q: If I have submitted previous “survivor” claim(s) for retro payment of a deceased GVI employee, do I need to submit a claim and documents for this new payout?

Yes, a new claim must be submitted along with the required documents for each new fund appropriation.

Q: I am claiming the payment of an active, separated, or retired Government employee who is owed retro, but I’m being told their name is not on the official listing. Why?

There are a variety of reasons why a deceased individual’s name may not be listed. While we worked comprehensively with the Department of Finance in gathering and verifying the data, there are also individuals we might have missed. Please send us any information that can help us assist you, including: any copies of payments the retiree might have received, documents that show outstanding balances, their name, date of birth, employee number, or last six digits of their Social Security number. All emails should be sent to:

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please email or call our dedicated hotline (340) 714-5010 with any additional questions.  We ask that you be patient as we are currently managing a high volume of calls. We are receiving your emails and are responding as quickly as possible. It will take time for us to complete our research and update our listings as we process new information.