8 Percent Salary Restoration

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“As a result of our administration’s efforts, the Government of the Virgin Islands can make good on this and other long-standing obligations and realize additional revenue without having to add fees or raise taxes,” Governor Bryan said when signing the bill into law. “For nine years of all kinds of different schemes to pay back the 8 percent owed to government employees, I am proud today to say that the Bryan-Roach Administration, because our management, our stewardship, our hard work and our taking care of your public dollars has set the Government of the Virgin Islands in a financial position to make those employees whole."

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On August 12, 2021, Gov. Albert Bryan, Jr. signed into law Act No. 8469, which allowed for the repayment of 8% wages withheld from employees of the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands from 2011-2013.

This process enables all eligible Executive or Legislative Branch employees impacted by the 8% salary reduction to view their estimated payment. Payments are subject to all applicable taxes.

If your name is not listed and you were impacted by the 8% reduction, please click here to submit your data and relevant documentation. This data may exclude semi-autonomous or autonomous agencies and will continue to be updated weekly to ensure the correct repayment.  Once the administration closes out Fiscal Year 2021 at the end of September, approximately $45 million to $50 million will be used to begin sending checks, repaying those employees who are eligible by November.

Remember, all employees earning less than $26,000 at the time of the 8% implementation are not eligible for repayment.

If you are the survivor of a deceased employee/retiree, click here for special instructions.