Retiree Compensation Deceased Info

Official database

Information for survivors of deceased retirees.

Payments may also be claimed by surviving family upon the death of a retiree. To check if a payment is owed, survivors should also:

For best results in uploading all documents, we recommend that the form be completed on your tablet or laptop. The form also requires the following documents to be uploaded:

  • Marriage Certificate - for spouses of deceased retirees
  • Birth Certificate - for children of deceased retirees
  • Supporting documentation - Showing relationship to the deceased - for siblings of the deceased or those who selected "Other"

Regardless of your relationship to the deceased retiree, all survivors will be required to upload the following documents: Government issued ID and Death Certificate, along with the notarized affidavit and W-9 form.

Please also feel free to call our hotline at (340) 714-5010 to speak to a V.I. Division of Personnel representative who can verify information and begin the process of finalizing a payment.

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