New Recruitment Programs

The Division of Personnel introduces two new recruitment initiatives: the U.S. Army's Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program and the Reentering Retirees' Program (RRP).

The PaYS Program ensures that qualified soldiers are given an interview and potential employment opportunities upon leaving the Army. It fosters partnerships between the Army and businesses, aiming to attract high-quality individuals to serve in the all-volunteer Army. The PaYS Program partners gain access to skilled employees with professional work ethics and the integrity associated with an Army background.

The Reentering Retirees' Program addresses workforce shortages in the Government of the Virgin Islands by bringing retired professionals back into service. During membership in the RRP, retirees can receive their annuities from the Government Employee Retirement System (GERS) while contributing their skills to the Virgin Islands workforce.

Army PaYS Logo

The Partnership for Your Success Program

The Government of the Virgin Islands, through the Division of Personnel, has forged a partnership with the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and their PaYS Program. This initiative serves as a valuable resource for our servicemen and women as they transition back to civilian life, reaffirming our steadfast support and commitment to our soldiers during their shift from military to civilian roles.

Reentry Retirees' Program

The Reentry Retirees’ Program was developed to address the workforce shortfalls in the Government of the Virgin Islands as well as bring back into service the needed professional skills of retired employees. While making sure that these retired employees are able to receive their annuities from the Government Employee Retirement System (GERS) as they fulfill their employment responsibilities as part of the Government of the Virgin Islands workforce.

This program is governed by ACT No. 8560, as amended by ACT No. 8690; Title 3 V.I.C. Chapter 27, Section 706; Chapter 28A, Section 755; and Chapter 25, Section 492a, which establishes guidelines for retirees seeking to reenter government service while maintaining their annuity. The Division of Personnel is responsible for creating these regulations to ensure a consistent hiring process within all government agencies. These rules supersede any prior regulations and are applicable to all government sectors.