HRA Penalty Update

The GESC Health Insurance Board unanimously voted to delay the implementation of the HRA penalty for Fiscal Year 2015 for the retirees and to discontinue the collection of the penalty for the active employees currently being penalized.  The GESC Health Insurance Board is urging all members to take full advantage of wellness benefits offered under the Cigna plan in order to avoid being charged in fiscal year 2016. Chairperson Moses stated “The GESC Board of Trustees trust that, when all government employees and retirees under 65, take the Health Risk Assessment, and follow the recommendations of a coach based on the outcome of their Health Risk Assessment with lab markers, behavior will be changed, health improved and insurance claims remain steady or decrease – allowing for a more affordable Medical Plan for the Government of the Virgin Islands.”

The Division of Personnel is advising all active employees and all retirees under the age of 65 (who are the primary plan member and maintain health insurance coverage under the Executive Branch’s Group Health Insurance Plan, including those employees/retirees at non-profit organizations), that the Government Employees Service Commission (GESC) Health Insurance Board (as the sponsor of the Insurance Plan’s Wellness Program) has established a new rule which requires those members to fully complete their annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) on CIGNA’s website,

The HRA must be fully completed to include actual biometric numbers for glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The deadline to complete the HRA for the Fiscal Year 2015 cycle is 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. (Ex. October 01, 2014 through September 30, 2015) Those employees and retirees who fail to complete the HRA by the established deadline will be subjected to a biweekly insurance charge of $ 20.83 in Fiscal Year 2016 in addition to their regular health insurance premium. (Please note this requirement is only for the Active employees and Retirees under the age of 65 who are currently covered by CIGNA and not their dependents.)

The Board has authorized the Government’s Wellness Committee under the Division of Personnel to offer various opportunities throughout the year where members can gain access to Medical Professionals and Fitness Professionals. Director Potter stated, “While these opportunities are great, it’s more important for the members to establish relationships with a primary care provider or one of the federal qualified clinics, East End Medical Center or Fredericksted Health Care, Inc. and the Department of Health, so that they can monitor and manage their overall health.” The Board has also partnered with Cigna to provide a full time Health Coach at Cigna office locations who can also assist members with obtaining their biometric data and receive coaching on how to manage various health conditions.

Active employees can obtain more information from their respective Departmental HR Officers. The under 65 retirees seeking clarification are asked to contact the Division of Personnel in their respective district at 340-714-8588 (STT) or 340-718-8588 (STX).  More information can also be obtained from the Division’s website,