Meet Our Team

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Dayna clendinen

340-774-8588 ext. 5104
Director, Division of Personnel

Florine hassel

340-714-8588 ext. 4029
Assistant Director

valcina quashie

340-714-8588 ext. 4022
Deputy Director

damali rogers

340-774-8588 ext. 5104
Executive Assistant to the Director

Kurell hodge

340-774-8588 ext. 5134
Strategy & Organizational Development Officer

Cordell Rhymer, jr.

340-774-8588 ext. 5128
Network Systems Manager

Valerie Daley

340-774-8588 ext. 5144
Chief, Group Health Insurance

Millicent Aubain

340-774-8588 ext. 5116
Territorial Administrator of Recruitment and Classification