Time and Attendance Policy

Calling one and all employees,

The Division of Personnel is currently promulgating the new Time and Attendance policy for the Government of the Virgin Islands.  As we all know, regular attendance and punctuality by employees are important elements in the Government’s efforts to maintain high levels of productivity and achieve its’ goals.  We are asking you to participate in this very important process.   The Division hopes that the changes will provide clarification in areas of longstanding dispute and confusion and will provide for consistent application of time and attendance procedures throughout the executive branch. Please read the policy below and offer your comments in the blog section. Your comments will allow us to further improve the policy. We look forward to your responses.

Time and Attendance Policy

Getting A Diploma or Degree?

Are you exploring earning a high school diploma or college degree from an online university? If so, please explore the following websites to determine if the Division of Personnel will accept your education credentials. Any degree/diploma earned from any school listed on either of these sites will be accepted by the Division.

Council for Higher Education
Distance Education Training Council
Official notice to Continental re Fast Track Program